11425154_10153488240817664_183327089108043750_nThe girl who is in her heart lonely

Looks no different to the girl whose heart is full

They both walk and run for the bus, sit drinking coffee on chilly morning

But the girl who is lonely has always

Carried the carved outline of what is missing within her

She didn’t choose it

And there is no explanation to demonstrate

Why she is lonely and her sister is not

0 Replies to “Who in her heart”

  1. Once again you show, just how you are so artful with the strings of my heart. So few word convey so much emotion and caring and longing to ease pain. Much love, Shieldmaiden! <3 You are amazing.

  2. And this is a fundamental thing that people don’t seem to get… that people can be so different from one another. Such a beautiful poem, Candice. πŸ™‚

  3. So real. I have never forgotten a photograph in a magazine dedicated to people with disabilities. A beautiful girl wandering in a meadow was captioned ‘A beautiful girl as seen by a cripple’. I had to look hard to get the point

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