The woman in a short fur coat
looks good on her though
faux fur ages most
save the very young and broken
with blackened eyes and sore cheeks
she defies rules
thin wristed yet strong
muscles hidden beneath boiled wool
it is speculation that excites
what’s beneath the sound?
of her stockings against their silk lining
the chimeric of her cleaving
slim to rising, freckles in sunlight
how many years did she?
dip her blood red toes from the pier in blue one piece
the steps are painted white
reflecting sun
taking shelter in place
once a ballet dancer
learning her shape
years scrape
against bone
long the thought
then skin is sloughed
and scales shimmer
beneath the grey and green

0 Replies to “What's beneath the sound?”

  1. “Learning her shape, years scrape ” is so beautifully written for this but is allegorical for just about everyone. Young people start out learning the shape of their careers while the years scrape by and scrape away at what they really waned to be vs what they ended up doing. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  2. Oh Candice, you’re absolutely brilliant and I like the final image of her drifting away through the waves. ❤

    1. I Liked it too! I found it on Deviant Art, I should have made a note of the artist, I always mean to and forget. It’s really a great interpretation of the red shoes, I was talking with another blogger about that film and that’s what inspired me to look for paintings of it. xo Thank you lovely fin xo

      1. Hehe, I know the feeling. It is really nicely done! (Deviantart has some great stuff) It adds a little something extra to your poem too (or your poem to the painting, depending which direction one looks at it) 🙂

  3. So vividly put. It takes many a year to learn the ‘shape’, be it mind, life or just the exact ‘shape’ of the feminine figure in which she would look ‘perfect’ in the eyes of the beholders…

        1. PS don’t worry I’m not into criticism either so you’re okay there, but the weird thing is every time I try to open it – well it doesn’t open even if I cut and paste it

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