Let us hesitate

On the brink

Long enough for considering

This gentle hand

Tugging us forward

May wish to run

Lean and elongated

Against yoke sun

And you are no longer certain

Of anything, of yourself

Sickness has that tendency

It is the color blue

Like water tinged with poster paint

Oddly mimicking nature

Yet, artificially so.

I saw the future, in a girl on purple skateboard

Her pink extensions and pierced navel

Drinking Redeye with varnished lips

Showed no fear at the raspy world

I was in awe of her stamina

Was I ever able to balance so well, on vertical path?

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  1. I love the imagery you use!
    Illness really is a time of grieving, of not being able to do the things you used to, or want to. I understand, after having a really bad case of Eppstein Barr ten years ago, and not being the same since. You have my empathy! I really hope you are having better days. ❤

    1. Yes you are so right my friend about illness being a time of grieving and questions. I didn’t know you had a really bad case of Epstein Barr? That is what caused my illness! I would love to know more about your experience as I never knew anyone who had gotten so ill from Epstein Barr before. My ‘presentation’ was weird because it gave me Gastric Arrythmia which caused me to throw up for six months every day and all sorts of nightmares. I am still sick but getting much better although it’s very slow going, but at least they say once the EBV goes, the symptoms will start to receed. I would love to hear your story if you can bear to tell it? Either way I hope you are feeling better now, but you say you have not been quite the same since, I know some who have gotten Chronic Fatigue from EBV and it has been hard for them. I read about Vitamin C being the cure for EBV the only one that works the best way is IV but I can’t tolerate it so I am taking 3,000mg lyposomal Vit C which is the only way you can take it if you can’t tolerate the acidity, plus it absorbs 90 percent versus 40 percent with regular Vit C. I must admit, it has helped a LOT so if that would be useful to you i can email you the brand I found. LMK?

      1. Oh Candice, how awful!! I didn’t realise that had gone on for 6 months!! And I have never heard of that as a symptom of EBV before.
        I have come along way since I had it fortunately, but I am still struggling with chronic fatigue type issues. I agree about the vit C, (I’m so glad it has helped you!)and I had heard some people have vit B injections as well, which I never did. I take vit C as sodium ascorbate, and had run out actually. Just got some more yesterday so you have been a good reminder to really dose up on it.
        And yes, I would be interested to know the brand and other details! Thank you.

  2. An awesome poem Candice, and the final piece after “I saw the future” is fabulous 😊
    Oh did you get my email I sent a couple of days ago, I attached my booklets for you 😆

  3. It’s so hard to know about anybody but oneself. The arrogance of youth often hides fears and loathings. You can be confident without piercings. I think you’ll be okay 🙂

    1. You can be confident without piercings? Really? ha ha ha sorry I had to! You have me giggling now. Oh I agree. I love the varnish of youth in some ways though I love the pouted pose of confidence, but I’m quite happy with my armchair too 🙂 (thank you for reading this – I haven’t been able to write of late due to I don’t know what, some type of detestable writers-block so I am going through my old stuff that I rejected and seeing if I can find anything worthy of putting here)

        1. I read that Sylvia Plath whom I know you are not fond of, never threw away a poem but did just that, re-wrote it. I tried that for the best part of two years but some things you write (or at least, that I write!) are just too … shite to use a technical term 😉 to be salvagable. I will however, try my hardest to get back to it as no pesky writers-block will stop me trying. You are a great inspiration as I don’t think you even know what writers-block is! xo

          1. I haven’t ever been short of some shite as you put it to throw down on the page 🙂 It helps to have a lot of things on the go at once. When one goes stale you can try another.

          2. One word answer for this Missie. Bollocks. You wouldn’t know bad writing if it slapped you in the face. Now maybe you have written some things better than others, sure, but no, I have not read anything you’ve written that made me want to hurl. Far from it. But good point that to have lots on the go at once, I shall take that onboard, well I do generally have a few in the pipeline in varied degrees of editing/finishing so if that’s what you mean I think I do that, except when I run totally dry like now, but that is no doubt because I went through a bit of a mental slump due to this illness and I think it robs me of my alacrity although that should never be an excuse

          3. Being ill saps mental energy same as physical. Try writing prose too or different kinds of poetry. Set yourself challenges. A virtual kick up the arse helps too 🙂

          4. Well but look at your Migraine and Fever poems they are TERRIFIC so I have absolutely NO excuse! I may try the magnetic poetry, you always produce with those some beauties. A virtual kick (or chocolate) is helpful too! 😉 Seriously though you’re right. I need to challenge myself. For a long time I was simply too sick to do that but I didn’t need to as I had a plethora of ‘poor me’ poems in me, about my illness. Now that I’m not as sick I need to get back to the stick!

          5. You do! Migraines don’t count because they don’t last long, I know they’ll be over completely in a day or so and they do such weird things to the neurones that the poems can be quite exciting.

  4. “This gentle hand
    Tugging us forward”

    It is always present, even when we allow inertia, weariness, or fear to persuade us to ignore it. The girl on the skateboard has a message that inertia is also present in motion, tugging us forward.

      1. If she’s wearing purple, she must be taking the advice of Jenny Joseph’s poem, “Warning”.

        “But maybe I ought to practice a little now?
        So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised
        When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple. “

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