I love

The steady beat of your heart

For you are

A face captured briefly in a curl behind glass

Our hearts

Hands raised and pressed

The silver of us tendered

Forged in spring water

Beyond the sylphing migration of pike

Green and lean, leaping beyond our lure

Water sparkling like mermaids sleeves

If I could rebirth us before

Pain stole years, adding creases to our brow

I’d give you the peace of a sanctuary of love

Ebbing in the forest, a slow unfolding envelope

Protector against harshness, for it is only you

Stirs in me a deep smile, I take your hand

In this and all parallel universes where, if we stay still

They go ahead, just me and you, in replication

To never end, a long string of amber attachment

Curling toward the sun, I see no beginning

We have known the other by our soul, in all walks of time

Against the odds, it is us who returns, always and again

To be one