Backstage-Paris-Fashion-Week-1991-wearing-jeans-whiteAcid-dye denim might be

bad-luck or I

simply too old for

bare legs and

shocking rinses

(who the hell buys Manic Panic Vampire Red

seeks to re-cultivate original sin

desperate in disjointed

camouflage & need to impress

someone who is not watching?)

However, the real

surprise lay in

realizing I could shed

as many tears as a teen

who would not blink

at acid-dye-denim

or remember

when high-waisted was

in fashion

the first time around

when heartbreak felt

much, much

more hopeful

even if red dye

be it 1999 or 2019

invariably ran




14 Replies to “Two decades later & dye still runs”

  1. Then and there is the woo of all things about the right and wrong and you need be the ten and the tite of all things about right and wrong and they give it to then and there about the right of all to see then and not here but there and you are King and I am Prince Charming in the begin and the end of all soul and drew and that be it for now love Bruce E Saunders the Mike of One and the Soul of All

  2. Indelible stain immune to time
    Visible to any with more to add
    Dagger of disappointment still in heart
    There for any new grief to twist
    Supposed wisdom of age
    Grants no protection
    To the unguarded heart
    Risking still to love

  3. I’m so glad I saw you here love. Did you enter any poetry for the lesbian poetry anthology I’m working on? It’s huge. I would love you in it. I can get your work looked at even though the deadline has passed because we’re not going to print till later in Sept October. If you’re interested?

  4. Omg! That is so awesome of you to offer! I am no poet, the words simply spill out of me occasionally. I love your words, I love the feeling they evoke in me and you really have made me feel included (I have no other word right now) or part of something beautiful and creative from topics obscure or hidden. Let me think this over in the morning 🧡

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