2pm Sunday

Too quiet house

Traffic a lullaby

Take those thoughts of vengeance
And set them weighted in water

Where we do not contemplate the terror

Of good vision and our ability to clear away ash

Or see the scars of dust and neglect about her

Like a parody of her former glory

Wondering; “Will I come to suffer so?”

Does karma work that rude plough?”

Or might I escape her fate for something less terrible?

Watching satellite particles of dust in sunlight

Long after they cast off

Into deep undiscovered ocean

Where the sorrow of prediction lays

A well worn thing with no humor at all

Like a woman left waiting, will eventually

Turn to cruelty.

9 Replies to “Turn to cruelty”

  1. I miss your words. This is classic you. Sometimes I can pick a line from a poem and say wow! But it’s so difficult with you… there are so many wows. As you can see I’m not a poet, But thank you, once again you have made my existence a little more content. Oh! Happy Christmas too, Candice 🙂

  2. To be left waiting
    Waiting for what?
    For a miracle?
    For the one you know
    Will not return?
    Or, if they do,
    The chance to sing
    A few bars of
    “Cry Me A River”?
    And be the one to walk away?
    For vicarious Salvation?
    Or until waiting becomes
    All there is
    Until to be waiting
    Is to become waiting?

  3. Dearest Derrick. thank you so so much for your lovely Xmas card. I received it and it really means a lot to me. I struggle with Xmas as I don’t have family to be around but a card from across the pond was a cure to any Xmas blues. Thank you dear friend. I am extremely grateful.

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