thShow me how
to thrive
not simply devoured
by starched white spread heart of palm
telling fortunes at Waldens pond
for the ice is surely as colorless
as mine own frosted breath
held in dove cot
awaiting relent
Show me how
to thrive
in wood cut and lithographic land
forging in Shakers wrapped hand
measurement of generations
prescribing latitude
and those born beneath ice water
hardening by each ratchet and slip
We may resemble the other
I assure you
I sink while you swim
festooned in spring
I hear your delight
caving snow into spectacle and whim
scoring snowy hide with virgin bemusement
leaving blushing to first flower
Show me
how to thrive
unwary of the cut of fencer’s lance
skaters take their effortless figure eight
cut me out while watching me sink
bleary are the reflecting lessons gleaned beneath
as trees wearing cost of growth will shield in poplar costs against fall
scooping handfuls of strain into colander air
Wait for the transport
urge yourself into print
pick a destination
maybe a flurry
picked in shake and shuffle
a bridal bouquet
wet confetti
new days
following season
over wooden bridge
frigid with warm step
Show me
how to thrive