the learned response

put it away along with sweaters and blankets

for next time there’s a hurricane

until that day comes

stay bold

set aside the tendency toward maudlin

and live in the voice

gliding through dark streets

she sings like holiness ripped out of heaven

think of what it takes

to summon; ring in this sound

remember how you felt when intensity was your god

when hope, your future

remember, before you became versed at self-hate

and fishing in stagnant ponds, where no reflection of passion stirred

remember, the days you lay in bed with a lover

and they pulled you into their arms with

clamor! Longing! Life! The resounding urge

to BE; belong

be not the learned response borne of disappointment

years of distraction, soon things lost, not recovered

be the change, be the next day ahead

where love is not withered or spent

where desire still rents with hot metal

the very skin from expectation

one day we will lay cold

all suffering, worries and toil put down

a long road of pain, a short sudden dismissal

no-one really knows; until then, give no time listening to rebuke

the scold of what you have regretted and lost

think of what you could find, still, in the time remaining


seek the person whose eyes light up

when you enter the room

not the one who takes you for granted

it may hurt like a burn, it may feel wrong

but there is life inside you

wanting no cold harbor

but the burning intensity of potentiality

open yourself to it, let fear stay gone

next time you wonder if you can

decide the answer and claim

this moment.

12 Replies to “This moment”

  1. Your words make me cry almost all the time, and for that I am extremely grateful.

  2. What is there to say but “YES!”, and stuff rebuke into a Zip Lock bag and consign it to the back of the freezer where its cold self belongs.

  3. Thank you! I tried a positive theme (it didn’t hurt but it pinched ;))

  4. Just for you so you don’t think I’m an irrevocable neg-head

  5. Coming from you – that means a great deal as I think so highly of your writing my friend

  6. Warm harbors only for me. You sail a long time, but it’s worth it.

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