You can take away my last wrapping
That I am lain unclothed, on that unwilling baptism
Behoven to the whim of mankind’s mercy
Whether chance shall triumph 
Playing her arched long game in red taffeta
The turn of weather vein encompassed betwixt fate
For surely
It rains where rain is least required
As once verdant lands, feathery and skeletal in need 
Their leathered thirst a distant drum beat
We may rend our chests in trying to reconcile
What seems without mercy
As the seeds dry before they reach
As the sun turns away from its hungered crop
As a girl is dragged off, just for showing the ragged hem of her ankle
We who comprise of water and salt
Sweeten nothing if spent in pursuit of filched agrandisement
Forgetful of those who once were brothers, sisters
Pausing toil to climb the jagged mountain
Sharing water beneath wide branched tree
Who has seen the come and go of little things like ourselves
Heard the speeches and secret vanities whispered into night air on polinated breath
Whose roots alone dwarf our fidgety pretention
All at once magnifying
The worth of an honest man, a kind neighbor
The brilliance of a blue throated starling
As language most timeless can be found in the grateful eyes of a stranger
Taking the long road together, as water shall run
Again in dry river beds
And show us our rightful way