Make as you will
A figure from paper
Layer each breath
Run glue until it shines
Keep all strength in
Let no part be feeble
Save us in our design
Fortify the bow, the stern and sides
Carve meaning in ancient symbol
Burn black, secret incantation
Deeper than dermis
Throw stones to guide direction
Light fires on shoreline and
Whisper to your proud, paper children
That your heart goes with them
As setting sail
Receeding into
Marmelade sun
You feel the undoing of the papier maiche ambelical chord
Ivory notes forming beneath weight of ocean
If they could speak
An ache as long and needed, turning flute to mother’s cry
Marveling that she survive
When separate, she and her child 
Like dancers at opposite stage end
Feel through the soles of their feet
The others heartbeat