Let’s take the blue boat out today
Cast off and dawdle
Our reflections close
Like spun butterscotch
Your hand in mine
Our blood coarsing
Slow horses coming home
Their backs, hot and steaming
In quieter times
You may once
Have watched me sleep
Dreamed my dreams
Slack-lipped in nimble grass
Had those whisked moments
We watch on little screen
Clutching the corner of pillows
Supple actors going through well-worn steps
We never took
Who the script? Whom sincere?
If we had known
We’d have made even the steel-hearted cry
In sentiment
For what is always lost
We discover
Real value and not
Cooling ash behind
The dazzle

0 Replies to “Dazzle”

  1. This feels fresh–like being in love for the first time or hopeful about something that one KNOWS will come to fruition. Beautifully done, Candice.

  2. Anyone that survived the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in Australia would relate to your poem. 173 people perished in those fires, and families were torn apart. And of course, you have had your own calamitous wildfires since. Your poem may be just an analogy (who knows!), but it certainly personalised those tragedies for me.

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