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  1. “when was the last time? She felt hands on her
    lifting drummed grief within, recoiling of sadness for
    blur and smooth music of touch?
    Is she still a woman able to appeal?
    or become the damp drying of paper walls
    pealing and perishing with carved silence”

    The despair in the above lines rips right through me. We all need to be and deserve to be loved in some sense of the word and to have connection and passion too.

    This reads like it was waiting to be written, Candice. I hope getting it out helps.

    1. It wasn’t about me per say but about that feeling women make feel as they turn from girl to woman to older woman and some of the world finds them invisible and they wonder whether they can be who they once were again. Hopefully that came across ok xx 🙏❣️

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