il_570xn-363494485_n86pImagine hostilities
as buildings
they will stand before you
stay after you are gone
that evidence
in brick and mortar
shows you their truth
begun outside of existing
when next a person cuts you down
tries to reach and tear out your throat
be mindful of this
it is their pain makes their wrath
their loss that attempts to make you feel
as badly as they do
in that
find mercy
and if you cannot
then find understanding
this war they are in
began before you understood
you are simply the person
who walked too close
to their sore shadow

0 Replies to “Sore shadow”

  1. Absolutely ! I walked out my life under the shadow of my violent mother. Trying to release my self from the terrible hurt and rejection within. It really is simple- One has to release them- and then only can you be free from fear terror and torment. When my mothe rdied- last July- I went to the chapel of rest-As she lie in peace for the very first time possibly! I just said…” I forgive you mum” What ever she was sore about in her life- I came too close. But forgiving and letting go is key……. Thank you.

    1. It is very hard to walk out on your own life. I wish you healing as I know the pain can last a very long time. I also agree with everything you have said here and see that you have done much work toward your recovery and will never be held back by that pain.

      1. Your kind reply touches my heart The reality of another person communicating and understanding is a delight… You have brought more healing indeed. Thank you. Bobby

      1. ❤ so sorry for the late response again, still on mend. I’m glad my words helped make you feel better in some small way. Hugs to you my lovely friend ❤

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