I wrote this for you

then I tore it up and it

became water

and the water fed a tree

who grew and was chopped

by the wood cutter

and felled, it turned to pulp then paper

and re-wrote my words

with the ink of a passing squid

who didn’t so much belch as cry

at the reticent nature of humans

who will spend a life time trying

to say how they feel

tying themselves in knots

and Anquish’s best colors

just to get closer

to something approximating


14 Replies to “Something approximating feeling”

  1. Feeling is not words
    The feel is of the body
    Of the skin
    Of the muscles
    Of the guts
    Of the breath
    And the beating of the heart
    The words come after
    We search for them
    We invent them
    We string them together
    Driven, will we or nil we
    To try to communicate
    What words never quite can

  2. Another superb collection – I loved ‘we string them together / driven, will we or nil we / to try to communicate’ – superb

  3. Thanks. It feels that way, not just with poetry (but strongly there) but whenever one human hopes to break through some existential aloneness to tell another their reality. Maybe that’s why we invented language in the first place. And from the therapist’s chair we have both seen and felt the struggle of some to articulate the overwhelming. Driven, we are indeed, we poets, when the Muse takes hold. BTW, while working on the collection and considering how may there are in response to yours, you might qualify as a muse.

  4. Then I’m a lucky sod indeed and anything I can do to support YOU I would willingly do and then some …

  5. And mercifully short! 😉 xo (thank you sweetheart)

  6. It goes round and round like it’s supposed to. Along those lines, one of the things I want ot include in “The Comment Poems: Encounters with contagious poets” (the official title of the collection as of now) is where the commented upon poems can be found in print if they are, or soon will be in that form. So far, I’ve found 2 by Christine Ray which are in SMITTEN. After all, some reader might be inspired to buy a book. I am including the links to the original posts. There is a way to go yet to get this thing put together (Table of contents, introduction, etc yet to be written), so there is time to work on that possible bibliography.

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