Recently I was gifted with an advance copy of the poetry anthology SMITTEN. I was intrigued upon hearing that all of the poems had one theme: the exploration of love between women. 46 more words

via SMITTEN Review: For the love of women and reading — When Women Inspire

Thank you so much to Christy Birmingham of for this incredible review of SMITTEN due out Fall, 2019. Please read the full review and consider following as it’s an incredible site and Christy is a remarkable woman.

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  1. Thank you for highlighting the review here, Candice, and congratulations again on being part of such an incredible book! xx

  2. Thank you incredible woman, for the kindness of this review. It is splendid and I am enormously grateful for your support of our project. Your kindness has touched many. I value you dearly.

  3. Oh how I wish you’d been in it my friend!! I did write you about it. Nevermind. Next time. Please do support us. It is extremely hard to Garner sales and every supportive person makes a world of a difference. I didn’t even publish my own work this year instead devoted to this. Believe me. It’ll be worth your payment. Thank you for supporting the rainbow!

  4. Oh me too! Snap! I do hope you’ll consider purchasing this. It’ll be a little challenging to sell and I value any support. This is an incredible collection and you won’t regret it. We’ve put a ton of work and heart into it. I think love speaks to everyone.

  5. Thank you dearest Andrew. I hope you may consider a purchase next month when it is out. We need the support and you’ll find such beautiful poetry all can relate to. This has been a true labor of love.

  6. I hope you followed me off WP land – and will stay in touch – I really want to xo

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