SMITTEN is now available via Kindle @

And SMITTEN in print is available @

Please support this worthy cause by purchasing one or more copies.

As many of you know, LGBTQ literature and poetry is a small section of the marketplace. SMITTEN is meant to be read by anyone. Lovers of poetry. People who appreciate love. Avid readers. Indie book fans. Those who like anthologies and collections and appreciate diversity and a wonderful group of talented authors.

In order to continue projects like this, we must generate sales to justify and pay for their existence. I took a chance on SMITTEN and so have the publishers of Indie Blu(e). We hope you’ll support us by one or more purchases and by this you’ll support the visibility of over 120 poets and artists.

Whether heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian or none of the above, I hope you’ll really vote by buying a copy and letting us know you value indie publishing, small press publishing, micro publishers and individuals who try to give voices to the UN mainstream.

If all my friends and acquaintances bought one copy we’d have a success. I give back a great deal to our little poet, writers community with reviews and purchases and I’m hoping I can ask you to do the same for SMITTEN.

SMITTEN will be available via Walmart, Target, and Barnes and Noble in the coming weeks. Small book stores can request SMITTEN through Ingram. For bulk purchase please contact me @

Thank you to everyone who helped make SMITTEN a reality. We’re all very proud of the superb poetry and authors who joined SMITTEN to make it the premier anthology of love.

(PS: If you like to keep both a print and a Kindle version of some books, Amazon is offering a matchbook price on the Kindle version of Smitten for anyone who buys the print version.

The kindle matchbook program is going away as of November 1, so if anyone wants to take advantage of this offer, do this in the next couple of days.)

22 Replies to “SMITTEN is LIVE!!!”

  1. Dear Carol Anne thank you so much please let me know what you think and also if you want you can leave a review on amazon as that helps all us small presses because Amazon will raise the books visibility depending upon how many reviews people leave which is really unfair! I so appreciate you! Thank you so much. LMK what you think?

  2. Thank you so much River I do hope you get a copy I know it’s a lot to ask but this is 120 poets and a huge project with a lot of love and work and we depend on others to help raise our visibility. Thank you so much for your lovely words

  3. YAY! Can you leave a really short amazon review? You know how they are so unfair and give more attention to publications with reviews than without? I so appreciate that and you! Thank you SO much. LGBTQ subjects struggle for visibility. I am so glad to have someone like you supporting us.

  4. YAY! Can you leave a really short amazon review? You know how they are so unfair and give more attention to publications with reviews than without? I so appreciate that and you!

  5. Oh yes, of course. I’ve been reading of and on since that beautiful book landed on my doorstep. I’m loving it. LOVING IT. I hope to finish it this weekend or first of next week at the latest and I’ll get reviews up as quickly as possible. 😊

  6. Of course! I’m working on that now. Life is a tad crazy so it’s taking me a bit longer than I thought, but I’m getting it done and giving it the attention it deserves.

  7. Thank you for supporting the LGBTQ community with your purchase. It helps projects like this happen if people support them so I am EXTREMELY grateful to you. Thank you! And for sharing this!

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