jesusblgirlOne night
so long ago the date is erased
I sat in an unfamiliar room in grainy dark
closed my eyes
thinking of you
who had forsaken me
I asked the void
if you are there
reach out now
my cell phone glowed
one message received
we met
in dead of night
a strange cold
you had changed your hair
I was all dried up from tears
like Scandinavian fish
staring out of pickling jars
show in desiccated eyes
the measure of hurt
you put your head in my lap
and somehow
even though it should never have happened
we fused back together
like glass evolves over years
in mire of elements so easily broken
if not for chance
I am glass of a volcano
I always knew you would rupture
spewing me as lava
discard your carefully stacked fire
was it worth how I feel now?
screaming into silent night?
watching for you to hear?
when maybe you never did?
it was merely coincidence
we thought serendipity

0 Replies to “Serendipity”

  1. You are killing me – this one choked me up. You brought tears to my eyes because this took me right back, and because your brilliance is everything.
    btw, I do not at all believe that everything happens for a reason. I’ve had years to ponder this and…no. Don’t believe it.

    1. neither do i / at times i do at times i realize that’s just like saying ‘it’s just the way it is’ there is no answer in those words. i had a dream about you last night you were talking in french i was not understanding because i had a head ache i kept saying please speak up eventually you were talking inside my head and we were not either of us really in human form, it was most strange and did not involve disco music or dancing which i felt, was an important omission 😉

      1. Same. I HATE “it is what it is” the most. Someone (I think it was me) once said “it’s the equivalent of saying I can’t be fucking bothered to do anything about it so let’s say that in an attempt at faux philosophy and a weak try at saying it’s to do with destiny” ugh.
        No dancing or disco music! That’s wrong. Please correct that in the next dream 😉

        1. Yes we can put that in our loathesome saying list can’t we? It seems like such a cop out (I have said it at times) because it says NOTHING. PLUS these days (puts grey wig on and says in old voice ‘in my day!’) there’s this total laziness of thinking it’s like fuck it i can’t be bothered (translation ; you are not worth it) so i totally agree – if someone you’re with or like is basically saying ‘i can’t be bothered’ (about you) then what’s the point? Totally a faux philosophy you’re so right about that. Yeah no dancing is no good – it’s time … isn’t it?

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