There is a world where

Pain doesn’t sit on the throne

A world of warmth, possessing no shame

No ridicule or cruelty

Where a woman doesn’t spend her life

Her short shelf life

Being hacked into pieces literally and metaphorically

And other women hold her high as sisters

There is a world unlike this world

Where we sit in bright pink gowns without backs

Not attending an award ceremony but waiting on

The knife

A knife that reminds us we are fragile in this world

A knife that would exorcise our gentle dreams

And leave us in pieces on the dissection table

I don’t want to believe in that world for any of us

I want to take my ghosts and my loves and those whose eyes burn to flee

And throwing our shoes away, run barefooted, into the mirage

To the world where

Pain doesn’t sit on the throne.

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  1. This is my third attempt to post here forgive if they are coming through and I am repeating myself.
    I dream of your world too, a softer, kinder place to be ….we just must keep going towards it. 💜💜

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