The body
Is a soft pomegranate
Shiny seeds spilling out
Soft offering proffers
Sell by date
Arbitrary or fated circles within circles
Once, you bled
The same crimson as a dress you wore to fireworks night
Until invisible hands
Ushered away the urge to bring
Life wriggling on flat earth
Straining you heard
A primal cry
It was you
Half covered with sweat
Shaking off
The emptiness of the day
Your belly full
Of hours

20 Replies to “Ripe fruit”

  1. Really? I dislike the PO these days they actually get loads of business frm Amazon et al and their prices are going up and up. I shall be sending so sorry for my tardiness had a really hard couple of weeks – thank you dearling I am reading and so very grateful! Loved the card, you just know don’t you?

  2. Sent it first class on the 13th. (So 9 days, not 10.) Next time will send UPS! Please don’t apologize for being “tardy”. I totally understand about rough weeks. Just take care of yourself first. Will look forward to book, but don’t rush. Hugs! πŸ’žπŸ’ž

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