They said, now, don’t spill a drop

I drank you down, an illegal cocktail

and wiped my black cherry mouth without regret

maybe that’s the divider between young and ancient?

Feel the fear and do it anyway, fray the tension

I had fear as a lover since I was a child

but you broke something inside

let out the glass ghost who had long dimmed

a need to feel more than harnessed safety

bristling around the edges like a perpet flame.

Why you? With your arrogant aspect and

the cruelty of no-one special

how I thirsted for your marzipan center

like sugar riddled kid will suck

the cherry fondue before even tasting

you devoured me, intentional or occidental

does it matter?

The slayed self knows no quaint repair

she floats in pergatory watchful of grace.

Then lend me the strength to survive passion

and I will bless you with my shame

that thick cost of it

weighing us down as we walk

purposely apart

eyes that catch as mayflies

and glaze over, fine as sugar powder

the unsaid tempest of an adult heart.

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  1. Oof. So much said in between the lines and thoroughly in every one of them. Tre is right you are a phenomenal “words worker!” <3

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