Ruth Bowley is just a simple observer of all things unknown.  Of all things worth fighting for.  Being a woman, being a survivor, being.

Poetry/writing has spared me from the scars of growing up gay in a catholic and abusive household. First, I found my voice, in regards to religion. Second, I had been witness to those who were gay in the 80’s and felt a change was needed. Most importantly, I wanted my words to be that change.

Rita Mae Brown wrote books about her affection for cats and her affection for women: A

Short Note for Liberals

I’ve seen your kind before
Forty plus and secure
Settling for a kiss from feeble winds
And calling it a storm.
I have always been political. Why we allow the moral majority contain us…still leaves me in awe. It is far better to go down fighting than to have done nothing at all.

Women are the greatest asset we have. Gay/straight/bi/trans…we have yet to capitalize on that.

I have always loved, endured, enjoyed, Robert Frost. Granted he was not gay…he should have been. He struggled with loss, abuse and mental health issues. He touched on issues that were not bias’d by gender.

After 17 years of loving my wife…erotica tends to play less of a influence than intimacy. Sex is sex. Love making is love making. Making love is far different.

Smitten is needed. A sisterhood needs promotion. If for no other reason than to let the younger generation know…they are not alone.

I work many political campaigns from the grassroots up. I have run for state representative. I have captain’d the Sander’s campaign and Obama campaign. Currently, I am a vocal advocate and volunteer for the Warren campaign.

Women love women. Many have’ this pornographic. That is not what loving a woman is about. We want equal rights in every corner of the heterosexual life…without being over sexual-ized.

My wife has struggled for over 30 years with schizophrenia. Love is what brought us together. Sure, erotica/sensuality is wonderful for us but I know her heart. Her heart means far more to me than whatever happens in the bedroom.

I never, ever thought of my writing as important. However, if I can change one bias opinion…my work is done.

Of course, lesbians/bi are more of a poignant part in media and movies. Men love to see two women together. What sickens me is that after all these years…two women together (pushing aside their love) is used for sexual purposes.

I am getting older. That’s right…an old lesbian. We do not get our due. We have paved the way for projects such as, Smitten, without fanfare.

Of course, my voice is heard. I would not be quiet if it were not. I am loud and proud!

Ruth Bowley is an incredible talent and her work is among other talented poets in SMITTEN coming out at the end of this month. SMITTEN will be available via all good book stores. For up to date information on SMITTEN please follow the FB SMITTEN page.

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  1. Enjoyed this very much. One of the most important things you said, for me, is that ALL women, no matter their sexual preference, NEED TO WORK TOGETHER. I’ve worked with everyone. Once we are divided, they win. We need to be one unit against the status quo and fucking patriarchy. That’s really what matters. Unity gives us power and aside from money, that’s what we need…each other.

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    SMITTEN poet, Ruth Bowley – “Poetry/writing has spared me from the scars of growing up gay in a catholic and abusive household. First, I found my voice, in regards to religion.”

  3. Once we are divided, they win. So true. Women are bad at championing each other. We compete. We year down. I believe like you this is not the way. It must start by stopping that unhealthy tendency to judge and compete.

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