Susi Bocks has self-published two books, Feeling Human and Every Day I Pause. Currently, she is an Associate Editor at the Fictional Cafe – a virtual coffee shop. You can find her work at, where she invites you to read her thoughts and get to know her. Bocks had some of her work previously published at VitaBrevis, Spillwords, Literary Yard, as well as other literary magazines.

I’ve always had a strong feeling of wanting justice for the LGBTQ community. With the help of books like SMITTEN, we can make the idea that “love is love” mainstream and accepted.

Woman Motivational Quote Facebook Post.pngWomen (in general, any gay person) seems to be portrayed as ravenously promiscuous. It would be nice dispel that myth. Just like the heterosexual population, everyone is different. Being gay means you have the preference of falling in love with the same sex whether your sex drive is high or not, choose commitment or not, poly or not.

Being Bi means being frequently misunderstood. Too often, the perception straight people have is women should just have a preference for one sex or the other, not both. And if a women engages with another woman, then it’s only because she wants to “entertain” her man. Touching on this topic in SMITH, and other issues women’s sexuality brings up, will hopefully allow for more thoughtful understanding.

Any publication that honors a woman’s right to express themselves – bi, gay or straight – is to be celebrated! I want to be a part of that every time!

Helping to make all the above happen – change perceptions, having voices heard, opinions reversed – is something I value in my life as it all makes the world better for everyone.

SMITTEN is coming out late October, 2019 via all good book stores. Published by Indie Blu(e) 

Please consider supporting this project of over 120+ talented poets and authors by purchasing a copy of SMITTEN for someone who appreciates beautiful poetry.

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