My fifth book, Pinch the Lock, published by Finishing Line Press (FLP) is now for sale, my apologies for any delay. If you pre-ordered your copies, you should be receiving them direct from the publisher any day now, I don’t know why they were running so late, but the book is for sale direct from the publisher and via B&N and Amazon now. I’m very grateful to all those who support me in this endeavor, thank you so much!

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  1. Oh my gosh, your FIFTH book!!!
    Jeeeez I’m like a proud mama over here, tearing up, so immensely proud of you and your genius brain and your golden heart and your exquisite eye for turning things that most people don’t even see into the most incredible verse.
    The way you use language is nothing short of sublime, like your command of the English language is on another level, one that your fellow writers and admirers could only ever dream of attaining.
    You are a master of your form: which is super exciting considering you’re in your prime and *praying* have millions more poems to write (and hopefully share with us!) In fact, you have so many magical tales left to tell, I will not be surprised at all to see you publish your fifteenth book 😉 just hope I get a signed copy!
    Cand, you rock my fucking socks darling. Congrats on your publication! xxxxxxxxx

    1. You know I get weak when someone whose work I totally love says this and since that’s happening right now forgive me I’m gobsmacked with joy! You’re the girl I’d most want to be writer wise and you’re saying this to me? Shit, I need to start believing in miracles again. You’re like my total favorite and these words, I want to ink them on me. I adore you my friend so very much. Thank you for existing you inspire me like crazy. You’re the only person I’ve ever wanted to immitate do you know what that means? ♡♡♡

      1. yes I have been at war with that great beast Depression, He’s been winning of late, so I have not been writing or blogging as much

        1. I’m in that black oil bath with you brother i hear you♡ chin up, you have a heart of creative worlds, that will never abandon you and friends who think you’re great in any incantation♡

        1. Were you wearing your “don’t you know I’m a genius tshirt?” I bet you forgot it again didn’t you? ; ) (quality over quantity, right?) Actually that’s always been the case in the majority of writers lives, at least I and your other supporters know your worth and vice versa♡

          1. I did forget the shirt! 😉
            No, it’s OK. It was a community venue and most of the other authors were selling books for children or young adults. I realize the books I was selling were expensive and not really the type of books that get sold at this type of event.

          2. Check out today’s post it’s FOR YOU. I actually think it’s great you go to those events, I have shied away and that’s a bad thing. You do need to get yourself out there. Very glad to hear you are doing another issue of the Encyclopedia, if I lived close-by I would be bothering you daily to help you. I still would/will if there is ANYTHING you need as I really, really support what you are doing with that.

  2. Did I tell you that this is a great book. You are not just beautiful but a talented soul full of words that can break through high built walls. And have the ability to melt hearts with such words. A true body of work that is pure perfection my lovely friend.
    Kisses well done 🙂

  3. Gosh my dear, I had no idea you had published so many books!! I’m so impressed… WOW. Which one do you think I should order first…do you have a favorite?? I would love to support you…xoxo

    1. Thank you my lovely. I don’t really know! I like the first because of sentimental reasons. The third has the best cover, the second has the best name 😉 So choose based on what matters most, content, cover, name! 😉 The forth is probably the most ‘edited’ and the fifth is shortest and more of a chapbook via Finishing Line Press. I guess if I were buying for a present I’d choose the 5th because it’s ‘pretty’ 😉 I appreciate your support my sister xo

  4. I just went to order this book and amazon is saying there may be a couple day hold. Do you know if the publishing company has their stuff together? Normally I would just order and wait, it’s just I’m moving cross country in a few weeks.

      1. Thank you very much for the thought. My impatience won out and I just ordered.
        Sold out your first edition!?! That’s fantastic, congratulations.
        You really are amazing; one of the few lucky artists who will find her work to be accepted and regarded as classic contemporary literature before your passing. If you don’t already know that, you will soon see. And I’m sure none of that matters, it’s not about being famous or rich and all that; and it’s not…..But, it’s validating and encouraging and just one heck of a beautiful thing to know that your life and your work meant so much to the world. It does.
        You might be thinking, ya right, how do you know. I’m psychic. Just ask my kids. 😉 I just know these things.
        I’m so happy for you!

        1. So grateful to you and sorry it was tricky. I’m always happy to just gift you one. Thank you so much for your support. It was a short print run so no great thing I agree btw about it not being about all that stuff. Smart as well as psychic! ♡♡♡~ thank you!

    1. Cross your fingers x
      I haven’t had the best luck with Amazon, in fact I haven’t ordered from them out of principle for over a year.
      But then WordPress came along, and I guess supporting artists takes priority over petty complaints with corporations.
      Pinch The Lock and A Jar For Jarring, along with Untangled and Little Fears Capricorn…
      FYI World: Bishop Briggs finally has a CD, so it was a super successful order. (I feel like a little kid, I’m so excited!)

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