She has electric eyes
seem like when she laughs, she cries
when she’s sad she’s full of hope
when she’s lost she’s found the right way to go
her dreams are written on scraps of paper
keeping her warm at night
she’s someone you shouldn’t underestimate
she has electric eyes
when it rains they’re gray
when sun’s out they turn vivid green
when she feels passion they’re multicolored
with the intensity of her unlocking emotions
eyes are windows to the soul
nobody knows how long they have on earth
it’s hard to let go
but she’s brave in her pain
she’s a risk-taker in love
taking chances with her heart
the fragile are warriors
so don’t let her down
don’t rip her apart
she’s the one who silences emptiness
she’s in the recesses of your thoughts
you can’t forget her if you tried
she has electric eyes