My old school friend
never gave up the habit of
biting her nails to the quick
she had German hair that stood in a halo
a little too thick
and we danced in 1950s skirts
to Shaking Stevens
her mom knocking on the door
turn it down I’m studying for my PhD
since her father left she has climbed
higher toward sea level
whilst we only knew parody
turning the dial on the radiator to
heat up the hormone room
life then was a warm window
two girls crossing the floor in bare feet
she’s staring at me from across the way
still nervous and antsy
as if exams were looming
and the cold nose of winter refused
to flatten our hat sprung hair
from its floss

0 Replies to “Parody”

    1. You know the old adage an apple a day? Can it be said an ankers a day? I think so … how is the weather? it’s gotten cold here though when I was over it was warmer than usual especially where I was, so packed totally the wrong stuff and was reminded why traveling is not for me so much (crazy airports et al) write me when you have time LMK how the sales are going, if I can be of any service and meanwhile be well my talented friend (are you going to see the new Underworld it’s coming out here tomorrow, arghhh!)

      1. I didn’t realise it was out so soon, you little font of knowledge you.
        And I’m good. I’ll send you an update. Kick me if I don’t, I’m losing my marbles.
        And what do you mean airports? I thought you just unfurled your wings and flew.

  1. “life then was a warm window”. I love the entire writing but if we, I should say, if I slow down and meditate on ” life then was a warm window ” I can imagine so many things, especially in some ways how life really did seem simpler then. A warm window would slso cast warm reflections! Thank you for sharing your gifts!

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