30853828_1_lSociety told the woman
at 50 you cannot wear jeans
nobody wants to see your saddle bags
you should either get yourself stretched
or hide in a sack
they call it “Laganlook” but the truth is
men over a certain age ignore women of the same
culture makes invisible an entire swath
sure, 70-year-old males can re-make action movies
their wobbling muscles and toupee jolting
nobody wants to believe a woman over 50
desirable nay formidable other than as matron
or crone
that’s how it was
they said the female poets over 50 were lost
for all the ones known
many more forgotten and wind tossed
society stuck on youth
like a tick feeding off
some kind of strange timer
stuck on the first 25
but if you stand by the fire long enough
you will not stay warm you will burn
when it comes your turn
to eclipse o’er the hill
what will you have created to sustain you?

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  1. Beautiful and true.. the obsession and the thinking that youth equals beauty are so one-dimensional. Of course youth is beautiful, but it’s also ephemeral and that is another beautiful truth. People don’t reach the point of full bloom and wither from that day on. They bloom until their last breath, every day. Thanks for writing that!

    1. Very true. I’m not ‘there yet’ in terms of age but I see ahead and I see how the stage is set and it just seems so lopsided and wrong. I also think some of the most exquisite people are older than 20 πŸ™‚ but that said, it’s about the person not the age I totally agree.

  2. As far as I’m concerned age is over-rated at any age be it 1 or 100! Sometimes I feel 1 sometimes I feel 1oo. Truth be tod I’m somewhere in between πŸ™‚

      1. Did you see the ‘Prime Suspect’ series? At the time ‘The Queen’ was being shown in cinemas, HM as Tennison uttered the memorable line: “Don’t call me Ma’am, I’m not the bloody Queen”

  3. A lovely piece and sadly true. Why women are treated as such, I have no clue, they try hard throughout life to reach their goals, and once reaching to the peak point and being forgotten is a sad state of affairs.
    Thank you.

    1. I think because they let themselves. I’m not blaming women en mass but they are their own worst enemies at times, the way they compete with one another. If we let that go and cared more for each other as women, and held each other up, I think it would change. I’m not discounting the accountability of men, because ultimately it probably began with them, but we ran with it. If we judge ourselves based upon how many men like us best, we’ll always fail. No gender should be put above another.

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