She holds in outstretched hands

The margarite circumference of us

We are a pearl, born from her mouth and mine

Seed made lustrous beneath hooded eyes of grief and joy

In darkness I take her out, feel the nacre smoothness of her moon

When I am dying piece by piece, I consume those memories as jewels

They whistle like unseen bird, caught in feral storm

Where sound is smothered by chaos and then, just like that …

There is silence easing into precious infinity

Where pelagic water encloses around us, all form diffused

Just a feeling she is with me

Never near, never far, somehow close.

6 Replies to “Never near, never far, somehow close”

  1. Many have observed
    said it in many ways
    grief is the price of
    I’ll argue love is
    something more
    than extractor of a price
    a door, a gateway
    opening of self
    to all feeling
    full spectrum
    being human

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