018f19d5-673d-472e-935e-9e181d6e067fThe words that pass between them
stuffed in funny angles
bears with downcast smiles
smell it on her wrist
death touching the corners
touch hot forehead to cool floor
benediction for restless musicians
all footsteps
we are too few to undo
our indentation
it presses down
like dowel swinging against undertow
will measure weight of air
and your truth
offered by word
so ask me
where is the mark?
metronome keeping meter
repeated on wrist
infinity you said
mine were the arms wound around
soft value
recollection taking form in coats of ice
a memory palace to divine lockets content
melancholy lifted aghast
how long will sand captured in hour-glass last?
time enough to notice once more the flush of warm blood and brief vigor as if disturbed from dying we galvanize under rushing water
oh how the chime of life can bewitch even the leaden hearted with its promise
I would run with the first sound of bird call and dirty my feet in sprint of dawn to watch the thickets light up golden like fairy crowns
and feel within a burning longing to forever breathe so deeply like a thousand drums
touching dried skins with their hum
once, twice, this is the beat of the living
turning in their roast against themselves
fling yourself against the chant, raise your arms
feel the weight of love pushing you down into flowers
her urgent movement within your emptiness, filling as if she were radiating life itself
turn the key, pick the lock, tread the pulsing stage
her magic has you unstrung, picked apart beneath her song
the hymn of union, flickering chords of pleasure into pliant hearts
longing for nourishment