Once a book is published it is easy after the first attention-packed week to forget it requires a consistent and steady stream of support. We spend months creating a project and then when it’s for sale, the rally cry can lose steam in the wake of other distractions. But SMITTEN is more than a distraction, it’s a movement, a necessary voice, and we’re asking that all who consider themselves friends of LGBTQ equality, to act in support of SMITTEN by keeping the momentum going.

SMITTEN This Is What Love Looks Like – Poetry by Women for Women is a project of 120 Poets and Artists come together to raise the visibility of women in the LGBTQ movement. Your support of SMITTEN, be it financial or by helping raise awareness, will help ensure projects like this continue.

It may appear LGBTQ has a great deal of publicity but within that larger arena, women are often marginalized and their individual needs as lesbian and bi females, are minimized. The purpose of SMITTEN was to UN co-opt the voices of women who love other women and give them their own arena.

SMITTEN is a project about love, and relationships between women. Sometimes humorous, sometimes quixotic, the connections women form with one another are unique and unforgettable. They deserve their own stage.

Published by Indie Blu(e) Publishing, SMITTEN depends upon the support of pro-LGBTQ equality advocates who want to see projects like this continue. Anthologies like this are not about profit, they seek to educate, illuminate and appreciate fringe subjects that are often over-looked and neglected. SMITTEN seeks committed individuals who want to help it succeed as the ultimate anthology of poetry by women for women (and everyone else!). This is a universal, no borders project, embracing diversity, inclusion and a safe space to be ones authentic self.

Support SMITTEN by purchasing a copy and donating it, gifting it, keeping it or passing it on to your local library. Encourage your libraries and local LGBTQ organizations to obtain copies of SMITTEN. Highlight SMITTEN in your own social media and reach out to those you feel may appreciate SMITTEN. As a small indie micro press, we rely upon our authors and supporters to help spread the word, so that we can continue to publish such collections in the future.

If everyone who said they supported SMITTEN kept reaching out to others, we’d form a chain that would grow in strength and SMITTEN would get the visibility its talented poets who speak on behalf of all marginalized people, so richly deserve.

With a single purchase, you add your support and gratitude to those 120 creative poets who have come together to raise visibility and awareness of a beautiful minority. Equality only comes with awareness. Awareness only comes with your support.

SMITTEN is for sale in paperback here

SMITTEN is for sale in KINDLE format here

SMITTEN’s Facebook page is here

Indie Blu(e) Publishing website is here

Editor Candice Louisa Daquin’s Facebook page is here

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    YES! Keep the SMITTEN MOMENTUM going! Please share, tweet, reblog. I’ll love you forever for it! ❤

  2. Although I have my copy, I’ve asked the local bookstore to stock it. Sometimes people aren’t aware of something until they see it on the shelf and can pick it up and look at a physical copy.

  3. I hope you have your copy? I would love to see a photo of you with it! 🙂 I want to know what you think also! You can order it from any independent book store by asking for it via Ingram. xoxo

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