have power over me

because you remind me

of so many others

now absent

beneath the lillies

finding it hard to grow

in this eternal swelter


have power over me

because your eyes have

Asian folds like my grandmothers

and your chest-bone protrudes

like a baby bird

searching for her meal

an orphan aspect in your

misplaced gaze, as if

you have wandered off

among the dappling trees


have power over me

because I laid down my mistrust

and picked up the book of your life

staying long enough to catch mid-day sun

we now share a time that cannot

be untraveled, unwound

it lies, a permanence, in the journeyed lines

of my palm

and when I hold my hand against

light, I can see, along with veins and sun-spots

the part of you

I carry

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