13244756_10201533221849886_2387985189239620483_nWhat did you want to be when you were grown up?
it is said you never forget
I know I wanted to be a dragon
but after that things grow foggy
there was never a goal
something structure is supposed to impose
let loose to grow weed-like in the wild
perhaps we were the last generation
to escape without our P’s and Q’s
permitted to cop out and climb slanted roof tops
where smoking stunted your growth and
lying watching clouds with coffee breath
was all the dream necessary
it would be nice to know
what I thought of the future
where I would be and how
if I did not learn a craft or create direction
from the figments of wide skies
what did I think would happen?
perhaps when you deny reality
it can go too far
you never pause the game
imagining it is just a matter of time
before other dragons come from the sky
and take you with them