Of late
PBS has woken me up
furious with their hypocrisy
purporting to be fair when clearly they are not
and half-an ear to the news
I thought of all the times I refused
to hear the truth
sloshing in the saucer beneath the china cup
so breakable
if we step backward and review ourselves
why we did what we did
it is as if someone else steered the wheel
avoiding black ice
I could no more tell you how or why
than the neighbor who hears me in the morning
feeding the strays
tuts under his breath, taking a drag
of menthol cigarette
because the strays you see
piss against his wall leaving
yellow stains on his brick work
and I did not consider that
when I opened the tin

0 Replies to “Eight out of ten cats prefer”

      1. There was a fire, it didn’t make the paper as it didn’t spread further than my waste basket where I threw the dozens of bad selfies that didn’t make the cut! πŸ˜‰

        1. Definitely. I didn’t feel like a midget there as I do in German-town (Texas) where only the Hispanics are my height πŸ™‚ but us Texans should put some writing-collective together me thinks too

  1. Well, if the neighbor had been suvconsciencly friendly to the cats and then nice to them in the real world, they would have found somewhere else to piss. Either that or they have been listening to PBS with you and just expressing their thoughts on the wall!

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