Do not think you are a burden

the only burden that could ever be

is to live this life without you

because if not for you

the sky would stay grey and lifeless

the winding road would appear straight

a drink would be without thirst

sleep would possess no dream

no idle moment thinking of you, would exist

no thought of holding us together, pressed tight

night would not be a time to dance as one

a day no day, worth waking for

no word written if you were not the muse

no book read with thought of future

for you are the friend I always longed for

as a child when nobody seemed around

and emptiness sat, a shroud

for you are the family I sought

in loneliness and that terrible walk

you know the one, you walked it too

we have both suffered and the one constant

is that no burden exists, when we are together

so, when you next believe you are a burden

think on this, remember these words

see the sky when it is blue and emptied of clouds

see my smile when I rush to your side through rain

feel our souls touch the other, never in vain

know that my heart beats because yours beats too

people are not meant to live alone in their soul

when in tangent, we are no longer separate; but fused

like glassblowers who try to create

in the meld of plunging metal and fire into water

the finest unbreakable vase, to hold flowers that never die

as long as you exist I want to try

as long as there’s an us, there is a purpose higher

where no amount of pain destroys

the heart of glass where two reside

where all the cruelties of the world appear

somehow removed and not as sharp

it is possible to be one; from two halves

there is you, there is me, there is us

and burdens are for the blind

who see nothing worthwhile

our glass stays shatterproof

where love thrives in Winter

and needs nothing more

than the joy of your smile

when we run, hand in hand


7 Replies to “Glass heart”

  1. Your poems flow like water over smooth stones. Every ripple gleams in the sunlight. So lovely.

  2. Thank you so much Carol! I was worried it was soppy but then again who doesn’t need something soppy in January?! xo

  3. Dearest Mary I really appreciate your kind words of encouragement thank you.

  4. I have so many of your pieces I plan to reblog on my website, this being another one! Gorgeous writing, dear Candy! And what a grand friendship you describe. This is how to love!

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