Look at me

I mean really observe

Seeing me you’d think I’d be most in love with

my high heel boots, the length of my hair

the silver rings on my fingers

the feel of a woman pulsing beneath me

the heartbeat of dancing when well

the rejection of banality

and you’d be right of course

but not nearly as correct

as the love I possess

for my old ted

his head mangled with smother

fur coming off in patches

his sad cotton eyes

seeming to tell me

everything of myself

in one slow gaze

5 Replies to “Fur coming off in patches”

  1. I have newer toys, mostly electronic, but there is something vital in knowing that, even when tucked in a drawer or box, mine is still with me and will be to the end, almost a kind of emotional umbilicus connecting past, present, and future. His fur is nearly all gone.

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