Dear supporters of my work – The publishers of this next book of my poetry, TAINTED BY THE SAME COUNTERFEIT won’t make my collection available on Amazon unless I get pre-orders. Despite believing pre-orders are off-putting (as you receive the book months later) in order to be published to Ingram (which allows anyone worldwide to order from independent bookstores) I have to sell pre-order copies. This is my first personal collection since I got sick. I appreciate your support & thank all those who have already given it.…/tainted-by-the…/

“Fighting back from a serious illness in 2017, Candice Louisa Daquin refused to diminish her passion for writing and editing poetry despite only partial recovery. This is her first compilation since; a foray through darkness and light. Tainted by the Same Counterfeit speaks to human nature, our foibles and immense strength. The hope we find in each other, even as we are wounded. How necessary being real is, in an increasingly artificial space. Daquin is Senior Editor at Indie Blu(e) Publishing and a Psychotherapist. Her sagacious love of language and emotion, remain her testimony of survival. As a queer woman of mixed ethnicity and passionate feminist beliefs concerning equality, Daquin’s poetry stands as her body of evidence.” 

Candice Louisa Daquin’s passionately transcendent collection of poems Tainted by the same counterfeit is a sorcery of language, rich with tight and visceral imagery, filled with summoning and spells, longing and lust, and poems that cut to the bone only to reveal roses blooming from the wounds. It moves through love and geography, through pain and freedom, and reads with a prosody that echoes the Shakespearian in its beauty. This book is the temple and the monk, the blood and the spirit, divine feminine wisdom and the roots of earth’s darkness— “the color of aubergine and hibiscus bled in winter river as redwood is lost to time.” I am forever tainted by the impressions these poems have pressed upon my psyche.

–Kai Coggin, author of Mining for StardustIncandescent, and Wingspan

Candice Daquin‘s poetry provides an exquisite blend of the delicate and powerful, of profound emotion established in simplicity, of eloquence and terror and wisdom born of experience and self-examination. These nuanced and graceful pieces yield insight into the vulnerability of contemporary women; they give us glimpses into grief and longing and the various “forms of starvation and war” so deeply imbedded in our culture. This is an authentic book — a poignant and intense artifact of our times — and one to be treasured.

–Robert Okaji, author of My Mother’s Ghost Scrubs the Floor at 2 a.m.

Tainted by the Same Counterfeit is “spectacle and singularity” that swims, dreamlike, through the subconscious, hinting at baryonic matter that disintegrates like a surrealist portrait made of words.  The issues of identity and origins, the seeming reality of flesh and fabric, old letters and dog collars, swirls like sea foam on a wintry beach, ultimately leaving nothing but subatomic particles neither from here nor from there, yet rooted , rooted deeply, in loss.

–Donna Snyder, author & Director of the Tumblewords Project

“Tainted by the same counterfeit” is an incredible compilation of raw, vulnerable, palpable poetry from an incomparable writer, well before her time. It is magnetic and pulled me in from start to finish. The words found in these pages will live on in one’s mind for years to come; they have lasting power.

–Tremaine Loadholt, Author & Editor, Medium.

As many of you know; I find self-promotion hard. I am more comfortable promoting others. But given this book is complete I want to ensure it reaches shelves and doesn’t languish in obscurity. Any support you’re able to give, is extremely appreciated. Thank you all. ORDER HERE :

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  1. I am so surprised by this on behalf of Finishing Line Press; as a publishing house, this is no way for it to treat its authors. Placement on major book selling sites should not be dependent on pre-orders and, if so, I certainly hope this was in the contract and not something they sprung on you out of the blue! ❤

  2. I had heard they did it but it wasn’t in the contract. It does seem like a less than ideal way of helping authors. I wasn’t happy but was told I wouldn’t get the book distributed if I didn’t pre sell so that’s why I’m trying. I suppose realistically publishers want you to sell a lot to justify their publishing you. But it’s how it’s done.

  3. I’ll be placing my order next week. I’ll just be happy to have another book of yours in my collection. I’m happy for you. 💜🙏🏾

  4. I wish you well with this, Candy. (I was on the verge of e-mailing you to check that you were OK. You have obviously been busy) X

  5. I really, really appreciate your support. It’s hideously hard to ‘market’ yourself and people are tired of it, so I understand that completely. It is by the kindness of friends that I have the courage to.

  6. Thank you D. I was in Europe nearly a month – checking on my father – for the first time since Covid. He was suspected of having Parkinson’s. He doesn’t have it – we saw a neurologist etc – but something is afoot so it’s been a challenging time. I have been drastically re-thinking things, hoping to find a way to return to Europe. Easier said than done. But it must be done. So that has been my focus – sadly when I arrived I had a relapse but I got over it and am working hard as I know how, which is all I know how. I really appreciate your words. I shouldn’t have published with them because they have this obscene requirement to pre-sell a certain number of books or they’ll not make it available on Amazon etc but on the other hand, who am I kidding? What does it matter if I don’t sell? So I have let it go – because I cannot do more than hope it will sell but know realistically poetry books often do not. Thank you for your kindness in thinking of me. It was especially hard this time to return to America, the irony being once upon a time it was my dearest wish to live here legitimately. Careful what you wish for, being the most apropos lesson we’ll ever learn. I do hope life is all right and I apologize for being absent and not knowing what is going on for you, perhaps if you have a spare moment you can email me and catch me up?

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