0f43a8692e2f903f820b1a40a7add30cHelix boy
green was the color of your insight
you thought you could trust the girl who stood by your side
before your fame
and you were right
my back made a good drawing board and I knew the rules to
Dungeons & Dragons
when you called leaning out of your window in Earls Court
watching the washateria fold n’ smooth in your Judge Dread shirt
you’d ask me questions you didn’t let others hear
why are we here? what’s it all about?
we were philosophers in children’s suits
fame struck you as an unnatural quill
you learned and you unlearned playing base
with the rigidity of adults rules
some days you fit in like a diamond in the rough
Jewish boy with a blonde quiff and James Dean turn-ups
other times it felt all wrong that’s when you’d call
tell me ordinary things so I can come back down to earth you’d ask…
let’s listen to telegraph wires buzzing in the night
the B side of that Springsteen LP where he
refers to love and madness, escaping down a dark road with chains
terraced and quiet in our honeycomb middle
breathing the air of normalcy and my dad’s bad cooking
switching the globe of the world on to illuminate dark
in our Batman PJ’s a joint under the pillow
what you didn’t know what I never told
you held me up when I was drowning
it was the tender of your soul that you recognized
pain and didn’t shy away
even in the show-biz world of false and fakery
they may say oh he’s just a player who has no scruples
different woman every week, he’s just like the rest
I could dispute that if we bothered to believe idle talk
I saw your heart
one night
when I told you I couldn’t go on
and you said
yes you can
I’ll show you how
and we planned our revenge
in pretend knots until the sun rose
and school began
vanquishing dreams of
escape and super heroes