Your suitcase is by the door in my mind

you have unpacked and packed a thousand times

it’s now or never, it’s been too long

you’re out of here, you’re out of love

empty like a meal without nourishment

and if I could, I’d ask you to come back

but you left before today

I see it in the careless gaze of your eyes

the house is empty without your noise

I hear only the echo of regrets

ask you to return and you ignore my voice

the coldness in your stare gave you away

there was nothing but bitterness and anger remaining

you said it wasn’t me, but I was the one you cut down

with your stare that went on, out of sight

down the road, out of town

like you were already running away

boarding a bus, changing your story

it’s been half my life and it’s been just one day

since you and I met, and you made me yours

how then can I get used to being without

the one constant beside me in life?

maybe the only way is when you know

you mean nothing anymore

they’re already over you, halfway down the road

maybe they never needed to be

could have been love wasn’t the source

but what they needed and wanted more

could be they were only kind when

it served their interest, nothing else

and when they left

they swept the feelings up

like fallen leaves