Compare nothing

hold me to the light long enough to tell

I am insubstantial and yet whole

do not tell me of the slough of years or

why I mend over scars with greater scars

I know these things

just as I feel the weight of others pain

pulling me through water with their surviving

until breaking surface I hear the resounding

breath of continuation

even as we feel weary and beaten down

unwell of mind and soul

even as we wake in the night afraid

even as our skin betrays us

we suck in air hungrily

tigers cresting waves, forming forests

glad we’re able to stay longer

for one more warm bath

for one more turn in your arms

where music fills our eyes

and we see joy everywhere

even in the imperfection

there is always wonder

7 Replies to “Even”

  1. It happens that this separate self
    This consciousness that can seem
    Fated to a fundamental loneliness
    Can find in the presence of another
    Proof that it is not so
    For a moment or a lifetime
    A wondrous thing to feel

  2. So, so beautiful. Wonder is my religion; I only really put to myself in those words after reading this poem. 💜

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