Unrequited fever, you
Sting senseless …
Today, a sea breeze came A naiad, she stole beneath my hot sheets
Her cool skin brushing mine with black pearl
I opened my mouth and she dove
Sleek and sinuous as tight desire
Will bloom redolent and untame once it has found water
Fanning out within me
Skirts of gypsies creating circles against firelight the rasp of her soles pressing earth in concentrics
She stole my voice
Placed it in a distant shell
Where the echo of my need for her
Rests on the top of night waves

8 Replies to “Echo”

  1. Would I wish desires thwarted to vanish?
    The little ones, maybe
    But the big ones
    The ones that birth dreams
    The ones that bring out of context
    Unexpected sighs
    Painful as may be
    But treasures still
    No, I think not
    Not this side of Styx
    Perhaps not even then
    Give me no cup from Lethe’s stream

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