tumblr_lp73476pl31qznd0so1_500Watch the fingers
of the eater
parting her meaty pieces
enveloping her meal
she will eat you alive
if you climb onto her plate
you may think it impossible
but cannibals waste nothing
in their pursuit and sate

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      1. It’s not maudlin! I’m about to go public and ballistic myself. My beloved is pushing me to speak my heart again. Not here though

  1. It is true in every realm and sphere of our lives- seldom will someone cross your path and light it up….Understanding of people is like a purifying stream- that enriches and fertilizes the whole of life’s area within. We impoverish our minds if we do not read the truth and reality presented us. There have been realms in my life that I have never allowed myself to invade. Time to consider such an invasion. Thank you !

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