canstock1995090You can discover when you are hurting
by the frequency of things causing anger
to rage like a hot tea-pot
given no respite
you can know when you are in pain
by the diminishment of senses
stillness in one place
as hours tick over head
submerging you in silent trespass
in a life that feels suddenly
void and laid bare
you can ask of yourself one last time
to stand up and listen to the barking dog outside
howl his discontent in a way you may never dare
the buzzing in your head a tickle
mindful it’s not over yet
there is a life waiting, maybe not
as full as some would have it
for there are those who go alone
and those who need a hot air balloon
we are all capable of flight
even if long hidden are our smiles
that trespasser of calm
wills us on
until at last there is only
and we can say
we lived a life honestly
we did not let pain
wear us into flat stones
to be skimmed merely on surface
we submerged ourselves
like hot children
running for the relief of water
hear them now
they are so eager