Let me tell you a story …
once there was an ugly girl, by ugly I mean her soul was desolate of compassion
nobody could see her true make, because she kept her cheeks brightly daubed with grease paint
every so often she’d be provoked and the alabaster devil would crawl out
betraying her neutered joins beneath camouflage
she asked me
BITCH why are you so fucking NICE?
venom dripping from her opaque maw
she could hardly contain her tiny fanged roll of hatred
as if by being merciful I disobeyed natural laws
her hellish countenance, displeasured turn of rule
she was without color, an albino sheltering behind false eye-balls
gathering fruits of her murder, dragging the axe behind
wishing so much to rise it over head and crack my tinted neck
why for some … it is a sport to undo others?
Rorschach of destruction splattered on pavements
I shall never know
she wanted my extinction
eradicate a girl who is not like her
crying; who does she think she is?
challenging the natural order of our dirt filled minds
bent on collapsing compassion
why are we suspicious of those who are tender?
as if they must all contain a poisoned dart or
some ulterior motive
it is not so very strange to be considerate
she was the butcher’s knife in plain sight
questioning my integrity implying I had some
hidden destination
everyone would rather believe kindness an invention
cruelty the status quo
they joined in their discrimination
sending me out in the wilderness
where I watched them eat each other
the way glinting crows starved of fresh meat
will turn sharp on their neighbor
and I
have been wild ever since