A discussion by Candice Louisa Daquin based on reading Candace Owens’ book Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation According to the author, Candace Owens: Hilaría Baldwin is NOT Spanish.Rachel Dolezal will NEVER be black.A biological man is NOT a woman.A biological female will never be a man. These people […]

Core Values — Borderless

Please note I am writing objectively without wishing to be ‘for’ one side or the other. It’s too easy to write those kinds of pieces. I’m tired of journalism being a pulpit for opinions. Objective rationality is possible with less judgement. It doesn’t mean you support someone if you consider what they’ve written. It means you have your eyes open. I appreciate Borderless Journal for being a place that accepts true critical thinking.

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  1. My entire life, both academic and lived, has been a pursuit in the debunking of ethnic identity as held by those who live in the necessary comfortable womb of the binary.

    Ethnic identity (not racial since race is an artificial construct developed during colonialism) seems like it should be clearer cut, perhaps, than gender or orientation but often isn’t. Beyond the perspective of the supremacist, there are deep an profound “politics of necessity” being played by some one wouldn’t expect.

  2. so true my friend so true. I know your thoughts and you are such an intellectual I admire deeply how much you think and process things most people NEVER think about. The worst part being – how easily someone will vilify you for just not taking a side but considering both. By not ‘taking’ a side you are somehow still a racist, bigot etc and that’s simply not the case. It is harder to NOT take a side and be objective and rational than to say ‘what a load of wankers they are’ but these days you really are condemned if you don’t come down on a side, which is why all of us are so biased!

  3. There is no nuance or subtlety in virtually anything and subsequently, everything becomes a zero-sum endeavor.

    One day let me explore with you my thoughts on what I call the “Cro Mag v Neanderthal effect”. 😉

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