a-girl-a-dog-and-a-horse-1921Laughter spills out, an unexpected guest
been many seasons replacing themselves since
she danced to a good song
look! What shakes now that used to be firm
standing painting your public face on
you omitted to check
the clocks wound themselves forward
now you tear the grey from your hair and lament; how long it takes to recover yourself?
standing flat-footed before a mirror where is the succor for survival?
in the weight of your accumulation? Bales waiting tied snug and square
maybe the lake doesn’t ask for praise when it endures the ice
nor the escapees praise, their fortune
we wear the badges of our internal battles on the inside of our skin
nobody congratulated, the warrior who holds us from despair
media will not report those valiant souls making their way through treacle
and every once in a while it surprised you to witness
winter talenting to spring
water getting warmer
new generations crowd shoreline
unknowing in a blink
they too will wonder
how it had been so long?
since they danced
in the arms of someone who saw
the silver thread in their being
as if miracles were fashioned for the living
and stories of a shared song could rub true
instead of lifting your sagging arms toward heaven
halving wan light of a late winter moon
lighting the shift of clock-faces
tucking their knowledge in shadow