thlkkOne night quenched of light
as we lay unraveled in fold of sheets
like unwilling fish for morning fry
she turned to me and asked
what made you choose me?
I wanted to say
even if you were not here
and by moon I could not make out
the clemency of your shoulders
narrow and bony without their wings
even if in the darkness your scent did not
open a box of flowers crusted with honey
longing I cannot describe but with touch
sighting the marzipan of your curves
I would have wanted
the girl whose legs reminded me of a childs
in their awkward gait as foals will stand unsure
elongated against distance
their large eyes blinking
unknowing of what they need more
the urgency of galloping
or to seek warmth among others
you were a kite
striking branches twisting free
you were a rapture
exploding under water in silver shoal
you were a song
broken against coming darkness
bidding dreams welcome
you were a cacti
weathering assault, growing deeper with
each rush of red sand
covering over potential like a hidden lake
shall glimmer unseen
until revealed she takes her
place marking the world
in gentle caress and with one
stride opens even the most
reluctant to her behest
I didn’t choose you
you chose me like spring
conducts the sleeping to unveil
bidden, make your climb
toward her galvanizing urge