In the moment that is a lifetime and a second

She knows my history with her own refrain

We’ve walked through each other’s lives, sat at the same table

Shared the same last supper and risen again

She’s treating me well for now, but she knows how to devour

Nobody’s special

And if it’s special I want, then I need to learn from her

She believes she is, while I don’t see my own reflection

Years like climbing vines have separated us

We’ve left behind who we were, if we ever knew

And I drive to a home that isn’t my home

Fast with the window down and my curly hair blown all over

Mirroring my loneliness and my yearning

Things I’ve learned to carry, as intuitively as a water woman

Perfecting the art of needing no-one, not spilling a drop

And soon it will be too dark for me to see

I’ll sit in the kitchen, lights out and my fancy clothes still on

Smelling the evening on my body and hearing the nightingale

Cantor in shadows moving languidly against each other

She sings like you do, making beauty out of silence

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