In despair we lie respectively

in darkness surrounding

the space between us could be

one room

a continent

it feels as if, it were to yawn

the entirety would dissolve

and nothing beneath us, or above us

would exist but the sensation of falling

without end

in a starless void

it is the bind of you and I

who give color and sight to this blind time

where foes are found in family and

lovers amongst strangers, when

boats remain docked a day too long

on blighted shore

you take your injury and you wash it clean of memory

like a flag that has seen the gore of war

holding it over our heads we run

between rain storms for dry land

only to slip in quick sand


nothing you escape from, is truly gone

till it is faced head on

I turn and remember

days past where things were simpler

hate a long way off

love offered easy

children are often tricked into thinking

the pretend life, is the real thing

they grow naive and wanting

like early vines without vintage

shocked when those nurturing trees

turn hollow with disgust

disappointed in themselves, the

calcification of time as it

clogs up dreams with infernal regularity

it is said, youth is wasted on the young

I did not find that so

when falling back to earth

I found your heart beneath a river

beating for me

as I soon followed

keening for you

two parts of one stone

turned to blood

coloring water with intention

if I walked a 100 miles

the mirage forming, on tired road

would have your voice, your silhouette

the certainty of that

gives me weight enough to tread

one foot in front of the other

until somehow you find me


0 Replies to “Again”

  1. A priceless offering, that–the gift of words:

    nothing you escape from is truly gone
    till it is faced head on
    I turn and remember
    days past where things were simpler
    hate was a long way off
    love was offered easily
    children are often tricked into thinking
    the pretend life is the real thing”

    1. Thank you so much for reading this and responding Tre, it means so much to me you know how much and thank you for encouraging me and being there when I couldn’t write. You are PRICELESS

  2. I’m seldom so awestruck that I am at a complete loss for words love. But this did it! This is so extraordinary as to defy feeble words!!! You simply grabbed my hand from the beginning and held my hand and heart every step of the way! You and my daughter at times have an uncanny perception of that which is held in the deepest parts of a human’s being and soul!!! Oh how I love your heart❣️😘❌⭕️🌹

    1. Thank you so much for reblogging this dearest girl I am so grateful to you I have as you know been through my longest writing block and it means a lot to be back and to be read by you

          1. Poetry and lyrics are often indistinguishable. For example, I enjoy reading Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell nearly as much as listening to them.

          2. Try her earlier stuff then head on to Hounds of Love the LP don’t listen to anything after 2000 she went downhill but her early work 1978 to 87 is outstanding.

    1. Thank you so much for reblogging this. I have not written in such a long time it is extremely encouraging and I am so honored by your appreciation of what I have done – it helps a lot my friend

  3. your an amazing writer! I love your writing! I am now following you! I’m Carol anne, from Ireland, I have did and ptsd, and I am blind. Nice to meet you!

  4. ‘gives me weight enough to tread
    one foot in front of the other
    until somehow you find me

    How the hell do you do it? I’ve got a lump in my throat now… Beautiful!

  5. Candice, I don’t know how you do it. But the way you put words together. It is so beautiful! There is wisdom here, incredible imagery and raw emotion. I think that’s what makes your pieces so powerful, that raw emotion. The description of the ‘space between us’…! You have such talent. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. I’ve known you a few years now and have the utmost respect for you and how you think so for you to say this, well it means everything to me. I have been gone a long time finding it hard to put things into words and your encouragement here means everything. Thank you just isn’t enough. Pls can you send me your home address so I can send you a card in the post as that’s my best way of saying thanks sincerely and from the bottom of my heart (

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