She grew used to hunger

til it became a language to delve into

the ache a reminder

she once lived

the gnaw a shadow

of a former self

kneeling for prayer, her arms beneath the moon

in swaying movement

that moment elongated like youth

thinking she’d live forever

eternity her dance partner

even then

she did not need sustaining

no warm glass of something to forget the ghosts

they were not yet powerful enough

and meal time was a delicacy of suggestion

fruiting in her eyes

as she undid her zip

the slow fall and hiss of clothes

finding purchase in gravity’s collapse

she stood before you bare and empty handed

your eyes on her, hot and smiling

causing her to

light up like she were composed of a 100 watts

shining because you regarded her

nothing else was necessary

not even a meal in her empty stomach

unaware one day, many years hence

she would need the strength of eating

something whole and solid

to keep herself upright

now that you

had switched off and taken away

that warm light

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  1. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    In the honor of these words, none of mine can or ever will be spoken. In an awe, I read them and I want to stay so much in that awe for the rest of my life. Words are beautiful than any being out there except the being from out of whom these came from. Before anyone or anything, I have and always will continue to fall for words.

  2. Oh my heart!! Candice… this is so incredibly beautiful. I love the gorgeous language and the lovely imagery it inspires. Youโ€™re wonderful.

  3. O.M.G. Right in the feels. You manage to bring me back to some of the deepest emotions I’ve experienced in my past. Heartbreaking but damn so good. Thank you for sharing this, Candice.

  4. Thank you so much dearest Kristiana (I love your full name hence why I nearly always use it in full) for your support. It means so much to me especially after such a long period of not being able to write

  5. Thank you so very, very much for this honor of a reblog and your kindness and your appreciation of my effort. It is so appreciated. Thank you again you have made me so happy

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