6f34adaec3d3f2a9a682a9e07e10cec5Was I too ancient?
unable to flatten hands upon ground
lost yogic verses in alabaster jars
will a future girl when her curiosity no longer shines like a wishing penny in carp pond? Steal your heart?
the fat Asian fish moving like they regret their enclosure as I regret time like a sweet taste after dark
not so much
was I too taut? Against the relentless sport of out doing
taking a seat from play they beckon me again
no I’m not interested, which is why I have no home phone or middle name
I can still make jelly and watch the t.v. flicker against dark windows
like fire is the stories soul and we the spectators of our calm downfall
you fit the mold
my legs are too long
when I bent to touch the floor I felt the weight on my back growing sore
for what did you ever know of absenting yourself from the world?
you were born with switches you begged people to turn on
sunbathing in rays of attention like a chimeric hot-house plant
and if we were orchids protruding from rotting logs in swamp
your petals would still be perfect
reminding me of the first time
you said no, head cast low
a bowl of gold from the sun
christening us both in shy taunt
and I said … yes
so please … say yes
meet me half way
where we shake off old hurt like moth balls
bound on their fate to repel the unseen pest
leaving lurching shadows to dust furniture
and there by opal of pearly light
dressed in rose glow you are
able to diminish angels
turning timidly into me
licking the envelopes lapel
revealing your want like
honey on my fingertips
tastes sweeter for all our longing
and age? Is a modern invention
for people who check their phones
whilst we lie
rolled like cigarettes against each other
feeling the weight of air pushed by fan
urge us deeper