vvvvLay your hands on me
braced against bad weather
what a welcome
coming in from the cold
It’s every time you gather me close
all I can hear is your heart
beating like
Gabriel’s drum of skin
at the beginning of the world
begin me
with each
forming laborious as
fatigued children
stubbornly persist
to dance
with half sleeping limbs
slack and graceless
In their abundant honesty
unguarded weariness
not intoxicate enough
to peel them from an ache
for music reveals
your song
If translated
portioning day into ribbons
each wreath a moment
pressed behind slide
to reexamine in mind palace
the sound of life
cymbals beneath earth
flutes and oboe forming wood
paper as soft as hide
writing our language by intoned key
first a rise, a fall, a swell
contagious momentum picking
up trained netting drawing flickering
into chalice
drunk deeply by fingers of pyre
dipping their ember quills
thirsty ducks carving water
coming up for air
gleaming plumage
reflecting our shape
silhouetted love
It’s every time you gather me close
all I can hear is your heart
beating like
Gabriel’s drum of skin
at the beginning of the world
begin me

0 Replies to “You begin me”

  1. Lovely! I have made a resolution this month to start reading poetry, beginning with yours and the including a few other greats.

  2. Beautiful, breath taking! I will have to read this over and over. It is mystical and timeless! Thank you so much for sharing your gift!

  3. I very much like the way you bring the poem back to the first image of Gabriel and the beginning of the world. The words have an ancient, biblical quality, so solemn they must be true.

  4. This took my breath away!!! And you thought you’d written all that you had in you. And here is one of the most spendidiferous things of yours that I have ever read!!! Oh my goodness but you have a way with words and touching the heart and soul of your readers. You are simply amazing!!!! 🙂 <3

    1. Dear Girl of the Green Dress thank you so much Debbie, my favorite dance teacher was called Debbie she worked at a dance studio called The Pineapple and was impossibly beautiful and talented, so I’ve liked the name ever since for entirely biased reasons 😉 Thank you so much for reading my blog I am very grateful.

  5. Hello! I’m simply in awe of this poem. I happened to be looking for the tag “mind palace” and happenstance lead me here. Wow. I’m trying to make the words happen so I can leave you with a comment that’s even worthy.
    I loved how you played around with diction, line breaks, enjambment, and the overall tone of the poem. At first I was a tad hesitant about the lack of punctuation; however, I think that works in favor of enjambment. If I was in a poetry class, I’d probably tell you to play around with punctuation; but since I’m not, why bother? I think one of the greatest aspects of free-verse if the FREEDOM to choose how to set up (or not set up) your piece. Not having punctuation or stanzas or lower/upper case words is the beauty. There’s always a reason something turned out the way it did, right?
    Now that I’ve left a long-winded comment, I’m off to check out the rest of your blog. Thanks for sharing!!

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